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1. Become a B1G1 Member

First, you can simply sign up to become a B1G1 Member and create an account based on your company size. As you begin your Business for Good journey, you can set your own giving budget and target (1% of revenue - or net revenue - is regarded as a gold standard).

Now, you are ready to start creating great impacts.

2. Select the causes you care about

Just like an online store, you can easily filter and search for projects that match your preferences. From providing a meal to conserving the rainforest, you can find hundreds of tangible opportunities with project costs starting from just one cent. Your impact budget can be spread across many projects to help solve many important issues.

Save a life with a mosquito net ot help children prepare for school
Giving story example. When a new lead is added to our CRM we plant a forest tree to protect the enviroment

3. Choose a business trigger

Select a core business activity ⎯ such as a sale of a product, interaction with a customer or a special milestone ⎯ and link a specific impact to the activity. This way, you can turn important business goals into shared impact goals among people you work with. You can even automate your Recurring Impacts by linking them with the apps you use.

4. Engage your team

B1G1's Impact Tokens are a great way for your company to let your team members choose the impacts they want to create as well. And the impacts created by your team can also be included in your company’s impact counters so that you can share the progress you're making collectively as a team.

Showing the result of your impact, with happy children enjoying themselves

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Creating your 'Recurring Impacts'

With B1G1, you can either create a fixed impacts automatically every month, or link your business actions with impacts.
You can even use 5,000+ apps to integrate your everyday actions with impacts. The possibilities are endless.

Manual Giving
When we have a great meeting
we provide a microloan to a woman to start a business
When we receive a payment
we provide a 11 days of access to water
When a client pays an invoice
we provide access to financial literacy education for a day
When a new lead is added to our CRM
a tree gets planted

Display live impact counters on your website

Enhance your website communication using your B1G1 impact counters to show the progress and difference you’re making in our world. You can embed a counter with live numbers, your impact goal and progress and even an interactive map that shows the global reach of your giving.

Embeddable widgets
Certificate of gratitude

Share your impacts with others

B1G1 makes it easy for you to say ‘thank you’ to your customers and team in special and memorable ways. By making people feel that they are part of creating the positive change in the world, you create a deeper sense of belonging in and around your business.

Enhance your brand messaging

As a Member, you get to use the B1G1 ‘Business for Good’ branding and resources to show you’re playing a part in something special. B1G1 Businesses are making a real difference together.

Slumbersac sleeping bad label with the B1G1 logo
Certificate of gratitude

Connect with others to create impacts together

The Enhanced Engagement Tool allows businesses to amplify impact and foster deeper connections with their teams, clients, prospects and suppliers. This happens seamlessly by giving them the opportunity to choose an impact they want to create.

Impacts of the initiative

Quality education for disadvantaged youth

Education is the key to a brighter future, yet 39% of people living in poverty worldwide have no formal education at all. By providing access to education, we’re not only empowering each individual; we’re empowering communities and countries to break out of the poverty cycle.

To date, the B1G1 community has provided:


days of access to education to disadvantaged children


education tools such as textbooks and stationery

Conserving food waste to provide food for all

Excess food that goes to landfills emits methane gases as it decomposes. For example, each pound of food rescued translates to 0.375 lbs of carbon emission savings. By utilizing the leftovers, we can deliver food to some of the most disadvantaged populations.

To date, the B1G1 community has worked on the reduction of:


kg of food and other waste


kg of Co2 equivalent

Planting trees to tackle climate change

Forests are the lungs of our planet. It takes our collective effort to replenish the forests damaged through deforestation, illegal logging and damages caused by natural disasters.

Over the years, the B1G1 community has worked on planting and maintaining hundreds of thousands of trees.


trees have been planted around the world


trees were given protection and maintenance

Providing income generating opportunities

Having the ability to earn your own living can go a long way for every person, community, and country. Encouraging job creation and entrepreneurship is key to economic growth, higher productivity and innovation, and greater societal stability.

To date, the B1G1 community has provided:


days of access to income-generating tools



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For every member that joins B1G1, we provide a days access to education for children in need and a community with clean water for a day.
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Experience first-hand how you can use tools in B1G1 to add much more meaning to what you do AND how you connect and engage others in your on-going impact-driven journey.
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"What if instead of doing something big in the future, we did something small every day, now?"

Masami Sato

Founder & CEO, B1G1

Masami Sato

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are commonly asked questions. Please explore our help center or contact us for more.

As a Member, can I use the B1G1 branding on my company collateral?

Your Membership includes the licensed use of B1G1 Branding. This means that you can display the B1G1 Business for Good logo on your communication resources such as your email signature, business cards and other marketing materials. If you choose to print items on your marketing materials and product packaging, you can always contact our team first to evaluate the messaging before production. This way, we can ensure the resonance and integrity of the messaging and even help you select the ideal projects you can give to depending on your giving budget and length of commitment. Please contact us for more info if you have specific ideas in mind.

How do we engage our team members in B1G1?

If you choose to do so, you can easily invite your team members to create their own B1G1 accounts and participate in the impact creation. B1G1 Membership Packages include different numbers of Team Member Accounts based on the company size and you can assign different levels of access to your team (e.g. company giving admin). You can also request to purchase additional Team Accounts if you need more. If you use Team Accounts, you can also purchase Impact Tokens and engage your team in the choice of impacts they want to create - regularly or on special occasions such as their birthdays and anniversaries.

Even if you choose not to use Team Accounts, you can invite your team to take a look at B1G1 Project List and let you know the projects they like to support. This way, everyone can participate in choosing the impact they want to help create in the world. B1G1 helps you tune into many opportunities to create holistic and lasting impacts in the world by harnessing the power of your business.

What happens to my B1G1 Membership fee?

When you join B1G1 you not only add meaning and tangible impact to your business but you become part of something bigger. You are joining a Movement — a global network of purpose-driven, impact-driven businesses collectively creating a real positive impact in our world.

Your B1G1 membership fee quite literally allows B1G1 to do what it does — to bring you this ‘Operating System for Good’. Without your membership fee, there would be no B1G1. It allows us to select and vet high-impact projects for you so that your giving impact really is maximized in every way possible. And it allows us to continually innovate to increase both the depth and scope of your impact and to make using B1G1 ever more exciting and valuable for you and your business.

This structure allows us to keep your membership and your giving transactions completely and transparently separate. B1G1 does not take any fee from your contribution - all your contributions are passed onto the Worthy Causes excluding credit card and bank fees.

Each membership tier enables every sized company to do their bit, with larger sized companies naturally gaining proportionally more benefits. As a B1G1: Business for Good you’re ensuring that this community of giving businesses can create the biggest impact possible.

How does B1G1 select projects to list in the portal?

The B1G1 initiative is run by two sister organizations - the social enterprise (B1G1.com) that runs the platform and business program and a 501(c)(3) charity (B1G1 Giving, Inc.) that manages B1G1's Worthy Cause program. The Board of B1G1 Giving sets the criteria of the Worthy Cause program and evaluate all applications coming from charitable organizations that are recommended to B1G1. If the organization is approved, their projects are evaluated, broken down into a micro-impact unit, and listed in the port. All B1G1 projects are also reviewed annually to ensure effective and sustainable outcomes.

Because of its model, B1G1 can only work with a limited type of charity organizations that can meet all our requirements. The Worthy Cause membership is totally free for the approved organizations, and B1G1 does not take any fee from our Members' contribution - all the contributions are passed onto the projects they choose to support, excluding credit card and bank fees. We can expand our reach to many more causes as more businesses join us. B1G1 Members can recommend their favourite charity organizations to B1G1 too. You can learn more about B1G1's Worthy Cause program here: b1g1.org.

Is there a minimum amount to commit to giving?

We’re often asked, “how much should we give?” In B1G1, you’re in total control of your giving budget and mode of giving. This is because we are committed to making it easy for any business of any stage and size to start making a positive impact in the world, without waiting for 'one day'.

With that in mind though, many B1G1 Members like the guideline (and it is a guideline only) of '1% of revenue' as a good giving benchmark. This is also aligned with the recommendations of other initiatives such as ‘Pledge 1%’ and ‘1% for the Planet’. B1G1's charity arm, B1G1 Giving is an approved Non-profit Partner of 1% for the Planet initiative, so your giving to all environmental projects can be included in your 1% for the Planet giving should you choose to participate in the 1% pledge too. And you can also allocate some of your giving budget to support your local charity organizations and other efforts to make your giving an even more sustainable and impactful giving business.

Again, one of the many great things with B1G1 is that you are always in control of how much you give AND how often, so as your business grows, so too can your giving. As your membership fee is separate to your giving amounts, you can easily view, manage and adjust your giving amounts directly within your account.

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