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EducationEnvironmentFoodHealthShelterIncome GenerationHuman RightsLife Enhancement
Education is the key to a brighter future, yet 39% of people living in poverty worldwide have no formal education at all. By providing access to education, we’re not only empowering each individual; we’re empowering communities and countries to break out of the poverty cycle.
Primary and secondary education
This entails both literacies and soft skills such as critical thinking. Our projects work towards ensuring quality education around the world.
Provide school

Uniforms, textbooks, stationery and more – there is a long list of items needed for a successful educational path. Our projects ensure no child is left behind.
Support creative

Dance, music, sports, and creative education have been scientifically proven to be beneficial for personal development – not to mention the joy it brings!
Provide vocational

Such vocational training help young adults hone their skills, increasing their chances of getting a job and breaking out of the poverty cycle.
We have been gifted with a world of wonder and delight – a mysterious and magnificent ocean coupled with beautifully diverse flora and fauna – a world that we didn't just inherit from our ancestors; it's a world that we borrowed from our children. And there’s so, so much we can do today to protect and preserve our precious planet for our future generations.
Plant a tree
Forests are the lungs of our planet. It takes our collective effort to replenish the forests damaged through illegal logging over the years.
Rescue excess food
Excess food that goes to landfills emit methane gases as it decomposes. Each pound of food rescued translates to 0.375 lbs of carbon emission savings.
Feed injured animals
Animals play a critical role in our ecosystem and our projects aim to rescue injured animals and create the best environment for them to survive in nature.
Support marine life
Whether it's cleaning up beaches, protecting sea turtles or preventing illegal shark trading, there is much we can do to stop the abuse of the ocean.
Despite having enough food to feed the entire planet, 1 billion people in the world still suffer from hunger, malnutrition, or food insecurity. Hence, overcoming hunger issues isn’t only about generating more food and distributing it fairly, but also about equipping people to create their own sustainable food resources and educating them about nutrition.
Give meals to people
in need

Providing meals to people in need not only alleviates hunger but also provides the nutrition that boosts their mental, physical and emotional health.
Provide seeds to

By providing seeds to families to grow their own crops, our projects ensure they have food on the table and a sustainable source of income.
Provide health

Our projects also ensure that people, especially children, have access to healthy meals and vitamins essential for their development.
Educate on nutritional

Teaching people how to grow their own food and to prepare a healthy meal gives them a sustainable source of food for their families.
Mahatma Gandhi called health the real wealth of a person – wealth that enables you to learn, to grow and to chase your dreams. And this could range from having access to clean water, healthcare and sanitation to having the mental resilience to recover from trauma, forge new relationships and start a new life.
Access to healthcare and

Ensuring that people in remote parts of the world get access to basic healthcare and treatment is crucial and frequently life-saving.
Access to clean water
and sanitation

Clean water, proper sanitation, and good sanitary practices can prevent numerous diseases and save lives.
Promoting health
awareness education

Our projects help to increase communities' health awareness levels, reduce stigma against diseases, and increase chances of early detection.
Mental health and life
skills support

Our projects also support children and adults in building their mental and emotional well-being, allowing them to have a healthy life in all aspects.
Shelter is something that most people may take for granted. But there are some among us who do not have a roof over our heads due to financial circumstances, or who have homes suddenly destroyed by disasters or domestic violence. Giving a house and a home is crucial to regaining a sense of security and offers the homeless a second chance to rebuild their lives.
Provide shelter for people
A safe place to sleep shouldn’t be a luxury. Our projects work to provide shelter to people in disaster-prone areas.
Care for the homeless
Providing access to temporary care facilities – a bed and a bath – gives the homeless hope and the opportunity to improve their situation.
Build a house for families
Building homes help to keep families together, allowing them to build a new life and raise a new generation.
Give a home to children
Orphaned children need a home, and our projects ensure that they are taken care of in a loving environment.
Having the ability to earn your own living, to be independent and to support your family can go a long way for every person, community, and country. Encouraging job creation and entrepreneurship is key to economic growth, higher productivity and innovation, and greater societal stability.
Skills development
and training

Having a good skill can lead to a steady income and independence. Our projects provide skill training to young adults to ensure their employability.
Provide income
generating aid

In some parts of the world, access to a sewing machine or even a goat or a chicken are paths to creating a sustainable income and future.
Support local

By promoting local entrepreneurship through training and loans, the community benefits from stronger local employment too.
Business loan and
business training

Our projects also fuel the entrepreneurial spirit by sponsoring micro-businesses, which in turn contribute to their communities.
Ending injustice is a massive task – it requires institutional reform around the world – but that does not mean we are powerless. We all can contribute something, whether it is being the voice for others or supporting rescue and rehabilitation efforts for those in unjust situations. Together, we can raise greater awareness of deep-seated human rights issues and create change.
Support people without
a voice

Everyone deserves to be heard, from the elderly to children in prison to refugees. Our projects help give them a voice.
Help children recover
from trauma

Children who have been physically or sexually abused need a safe space where they can heal.
Prevent exploitation
of rights

Educating people, offering alternatives or providing counseling are ways to raise awareness for rights that should not be violated.
Promote social

Every person deserves access to education, healthcare, and other basic needs – nobody should be left behind.
While this topic may seem to be less pressing than others in the ‘hierarchy of needs’, it is important to create a world where everyone lives and thrives in an environment that gives them the best opportunity possible. Every positive difference counts – and it fills our world with more joy too!
Improve living

Sanitary facilities, solar lamps, good shoes, washing powder – these are just some small things that brighten up someone’s day.
Provide access to
creative education

Dance, sports, art and music – the benefits of creative education on one's life and development have been scientifically proven.
Help disadvantaged

Life skill lessons or mental health counselling can help children discover and achieve their full potential.
Improve mobility for
the disadvantaged

By providing bicycles for students to get to school or transport for the elderly to attend social events, we offer them new opportunities to enrich their lives.

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