Our Story

The origin and mission of the B1G1 initiative.

“What if we could make something great happen in our world just by doing the things we do every day?”

This is the exact question that B1G1 Founder, Masami Sato, asked herself in 2007.
And it’s led to an amazing story.

Be inspired by the story in the video below …

Our Mission

To create a world full of giving

Driven by her deep belief that every business has the power to create a significant difference, Masami embarked on a mission to make giving an inherent part of every business transaction. Today, B1G1 opens up an entirely new way of thinking and implementing sound, strategically important and deeply resonant ways of putting purpose, impact and social responsibility right at the very core of your business.

B1G1 does this by providing businesses with a Platform for Good and structure which allows you to create ‘when this …then this’ processes directly into your business.  Actions that really do change our world can now be central to businesses of any size. And perhaps even better, you can now do that for as little as just one cent.

Our journey

Celebrating 16 years of B1G1.

Launch of the B1G1 Initiative



Launch of the first giving portal
Founding of the sister organization, B1G1 Giving



B1G1 Global Conference in Singapore
500 Business Members



B1G1 Study Tour to Borneo
B1G1 Study Tour to Cambodia



50 million impacts milestone
B1G1 Study Tour to India



First Business for Good Global Conference (in Bali)
Certified as a B Corp



B1G1 Global Conference in Singapore
200 million impacts milestone + B1G1 Giving, Inc



B1G1 platform V5 launched with API and Zapier integration capability
B1G1 Giving approved as one of the official 1% For The Planet giving partners



300 million impacts milestone
Engagement Feature Launch


Today, B1G1 is global movement

Now, thousands of businesses ranging from tiny start-ups to multi-million dollar businesses have become bound together by the vital idea that businesses can be (indeed must be) a real force for good in our world. And what a difference that continues to make — at the time of writing (July 2023), B1G1 passed a staggering 325 million impacts.


Impacts in our world

Paul Dunn, Co-founder, and Masami Sato, B1G1 Founder and CEO.

Together we think of each impact as a  joyful smile. B1G1 really does bring that much needed sense of joy into everything we do… together with you.

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