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Why carbon offset?
Our every day activities from food consumption to energy consumption emit carbon dioxide. No matter how much we try, we undoubtedly will put out more carbon than we want to. By offsetting our carbon emissions, we can reduce our impact on the planet. Find out more about carbon offset here.
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The Bundles

There are 2 bundles for you to choose from.
Office Carbon Offset with B1G1
Office Carbon Offset
If you have an office, it is leaving a carbon foot print even if you’re not there. With this bundle, you will be planting trees and providing renewable energy to offset your office energy consumption.

Employee Carbon Offset with B1G1
Employee Carbon Offset
If you’re an individual working from home everyday, there’s also your daily food and energy consumption to think about. This bundle offsets the equivalent of 1 month of your carbon footprint.


1. If you have a physical office, you may wish to offset your office’s energy consumption. In addition, you can also offset your own individual carbon emissions.

2. If you operate completely online, consider offsetting your own carbon emissions and encourage your team to do so too. If possible, you can opt to offset your team's carbon emissions too.

3. If you'd like to take one step further, set up a monthly automated Giving Story to offset our monthly carbon emissions.

4. And once you're all set up, share and inspire others to do so as well. Here are a couple of resources you can use.
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See how the offset amounts for the Bundles are calculated...

To create the Carbon Offset Bundles, our team researched several key figures:

  • The average amount of CO2 emitted per employee across various regions (Africa, South America, Oceania, Europe, Asia, North America, and the Middle East)
  • The average amount of CO2 emitted per month for a micro, small and medium/large business
  • What it takes to offset each ton of CO2 in various projects (e.g. tree planting, providing solar-powered lamps, rescuing food waste)

With these figures, an assortment of environmental projects on B1G1 were carefully put together into bundles, to offset different amounts of CO2 emissions, either for individual employees or entire businesses.  We derive the Carbon Offset bundle costs from the costs of their component projects. As such, as Worthy Causes update their project costs over the years, you may also see some variations in the bundled cost to offset your carbon emissions.

To prevent any major cost changes in the Carbon Offset bundles, the B1G1 team regularly recalibrates the components of each bundle, in order to ensure that  the bundle pricing remains as stable as possible, for the same amount of carbon offset.  For more details on how the bundles were calculated, please visit:  

Plant a tree and offset your carbon emission with B1G1