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Thank you for the part you play in creating a world full of giving.
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I've loved being part of this journey with you all over the past 15 years. It's difficult to find a genuinely wonderful, values-driven community like this in today's world. So pleased to be part of it, and long may it attract even more like-minded business leaders and continue to change the world. Thank you Masami, Paul, and the entire B1G1 team and community.

- Tim Wade -
Conference Speaker

Congratulations on your great work. Making impacts every day, just by doing what we do, striving for a brighter future for people and the planet. Look beyond beyond profit and realise the rewarding benefits of giving back to make difference. We are proud to be part of this progressive community.

- Everyone at Improved Apps -

Congratulations to the entire B1G1 team, especially the irrepressible and indefatigable Masami and Paul, for achieving such an impressive milestone! Proud and delighted to be a member, to spread the word to other businesses, to contribute to such worthy causes simply by doing business.

Founder of 365 Solutions Group

B1G1 has been an important pillar of my life whether it be building businesses or even getting married! (In addition to using our businesses to create B1G1 impacts, my wife and I even raised B1G1 funds at our wedding :)) I am so grateful for Paul, Masami, and the B1G1 team! Keep it up!


"Earn all you can, save all you can, give all you can."
John Wesley

Congratulations Paul & Masami - it’s been a long time since that very first pitch in the Duxton hotel in Perth. You two have done great things.

- Mike Handcock -
Chairman Circle of Excellence Group

An incredible story and what a legacy... Congratulations on 15 years mark! You have made giving back to the world simple, effective and, importantly, highly accessible. Every time we hit the 'giving' button it literally changes my day for the better.

- Neil How -
CEO, Limelight Consulting

B1G1 have been a key partner with DotCom Mob to get internet connectivity and digital equipment to remote Aboriginal communities in the south of the Northern Territory. This has made such a huge difference to peoples lives in remote Aboriginal communities, enabling skills and creative development, access to services and resources, and ongoing learning.

- Jenny McFarland -
DotCom Mob and CAYLUS community development worker

Congratulations on the 15-year anniversary. I'm sure there will be many more and many bigger years to come!


"Everyone smiles in the same language"
george carlin

Congrats Masami, Paul and to all of the team that have been part of the journey. Very pleased to own and operate a 'business for good'!

- Steve Hubbard -
Owner & Social Media Marketer at Dify Social®

"Congratulations to B1G1 on the 15th anniversary and thank you for making it so easy for us to make a meaningful impact with our business. We LOVE being part of your movement and your vision for a more equitable world, and we now believe this IS the future of business

- Jayne Warrilow -
CEO & Founder, Sacred Changemakers

Integrating B1G1 into the fabric of our organization has given new meaning to our work, and new joy to processes. Thank you and many congratulations on your 15th anniversary.

- Srikanth Murthy, -
Founder - d'frens Consulting, India

Who would have thought one conversation could have resulted in a Christchurch, NZ SME having 148,424 worldwide impacts.

- Daniel Moore -
Sharp Glass Services

“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others."
Booker T. Washington

Congratulations on the first 15 years of heartfelt impacts and for showing us the gift within the power of small.

- Sandy B. Simmons -
Founder & Educator, Simply Better Health Co.

Heartfelt congratulations to the B1G1 team on 15 years of goodness. The team at Kin are proud supporters of the amazing work you do, we love aligning our monthly giving to those who need it the most, thanks for making that possible!

- Wendy Alexander -
Managing Director, Kin

Congratulations on the 15 years of giving and around 300 million impacts world wide. Very pleased to be a part of the journey. Here's to many more years of extraordinary stories and memories!

- luke helm -

It's so cool to be a part of what you're doing. Our company loves giving to a few different B1G1 initiatives that make a tangible difference in people's lives. It's beautiful what you're doing. Cheers!

- John Abbott & Estela Kun -
Co-Founders of InSpiral

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi

As a small business, it is a privilege to be making a big impact to the world, alongside B1G1 and all their partners. The world is a better place because B1G1 is in it! Thank you.

- Cassie & Alison -
Co-Founders of Courageous Leadership Hub

We are so grateful to participate in B1G1 ! It’s an amazing thing to be able to tie our business activities to meaningful impacts around the world through the work that we do and with the help of our clients. Congratulations on your anniversary!

-KWB Accountants & Advisors -

Here at New Gen, we strive to create positive change in the ski industry and the wider world. It's a pleasure to work alongside B1G1, which has enabled us to make nearly 300,000 impacts since joining back in 2017. Congratulations, B1G1!

- Everyone at New Generation Ski School -

Congratulations to B1G1 on 15 amazing years! Be Challenged has always been proud to partner with B1G1, and through our partnership, B1G1 has made it extremely simple for our clients to add a CSR component to their team-building event! Here's to 15 more!

- Oliver Sheer -
Be Challenged

“Generosity isn’t an act. It’s a way of life.”
Mahatma Gandhi

At Untouched World, we believe everyone deserves access to basic human necessities. The essentials required to enable a person to thrive and fulfil their potential. Thank you B1G1 with putting together this change for good over the last 15 years!

- Untouched World -

B1G1 has changed my life and so many others, by supporting worthy causes around the world. Visiting numerous sites in Kenya on a B1G1 Study tour, is one of the most transforming and beautiful experiences of my life. I am honored to serve on the Board.

- Linda Saddlemire -
B1G1 Board Member

B1G1 has changed so many lives, including mine. Thank you so much for making it so compellingly easy for us to have a much bigger and more positive impact on the world.

- steve pipe -
Founder of ourtimetorise.global

15 Years!!! Such a fantastic achievement to have aligned business and success with so many impactful projects around the world.

Masami, it’s been an honour for Aspect Legal and me personally to have been involved with you, Paul and your fabulous B1G1 team. Congratulations!

- joanna Oakey -
Managing Partner of Aspect Legal

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

You have made helping others in the world easy, guilt free, and most importantly, highly effective. I love knowing that I am part of a huge movement of business owners worldwide making a difference just by pushing the 'giving' button!

- Christie Pinto -
Director of Inspiration, Crystal Clear Horizons

We are very humbled to become a part of this progressive journey. You have truly motivated & simplified the process for many businesses across the globe, to make an impact by giving and creating a value-driven community. What a great milestone to achieve!

- Mr. Sanjay K Sah -
Makesworth Accountants

Congratulations on your 15 year anniversary B1G1. For us, it is so important to know our giving's are getting to the people who need it most. Looking forward to continuing our givings with you.

- Mark & Lee Blume -
Business Coach Central West

Our staff and our clients are so inspired by the impacts we are able to make in partnership with B1G1! We look forward to MORE than another 15 years of making a difference!

- Cathy Love -
Director of Nacre Consulting

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”
Caroline flack

I recall attending the B1G1 presentation in Melbourne about 15 years ago and being awestruck with what I was hearing from Paul Dunn. My clients over the years have always remarked on the synergy between my business values and B1G1 values resulting in follow up projects that benefit good causes again.

- Bruce D. Watson -

Congratulations B1G1 and thank you for the work you're doing! I love being part of this movement . You make it easy to make big impacts, working together with other like minded businesses. Here's to even more impacts being made over the next 15 years.

- Cathy Sheppard -
Founder & CEO, BSI People Skills

Congratulations Masami, Paul and everyone  that have helped to create such wonderful impacts! We have been a part of B1G1 for only a short time but have seen the difference B1G1 has made to many lives. Let's make more impacts for the future.

- Louise Beech -
Paul Beech and Company Ltd

It has been our joy and privilege to support so many diverse projects over the last eight years. Everything from clean water initiatives to malaria prevention and goats, lots of goats! Looking forward to many years more.

- Natasha Hawker -
Managing Director, Employee Matters

“ The thrill of taking lasts a day. The thrill of giving lasts a lifetime.”
Joan Marques

For 15 years B1G1 has been a beacon of hope in dark times. Congratulations on making close to 300 million giving impacts so far. You inspire me and give me hope for a more giving and sustainable world. Thank you so much.

- Peter Tattersall -
Managing Director, Tattersall Training Ltd

We genuinely feel inspired that because of our partnership with B1G1, the work we do everyday has a positive impact on those that need it the most. It's also an amazing community that we love being part of.

- Patrick Graham -
Director, EllisKnight Bespoke Recruitment

As a business looking to make a difference not only to our clients lives but to our wider community, B1G1 has help us make a difference far wider than we could have wished for. We aspire to live up to our name and make a Positive difference and B1G1 inspires us each day.

- Stewart Newberry -
Positive Practice

Congratulations to B1G1 on your 15th anniversary and for creating a simple and valuable route for businesses to give something back. We have loved being part of your initiative and being able to help to make a difference to the wonderful projects which you have made available to us. Very many thanks.

- Alastair Bruce -
Shaw Marketing and Design

“ As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.”
Mary Anne Radmacher

I'm happy to be part of a global giving community that uses an innovation - everyday acts transformed into works of giving - to help deserving organizations and entrepreneurs around the world.

- Russ Stoddard -
Founder and President of Oliver Russell

Thanks B1G1 for making giving so easy to embed into organisations and for providing a means to give that, is traceable and trackable. Our team love being able to choose from the multitude of brilliant and purposeful projects. Long may it continue! :)

- Chris Thornhill -
Co-Founder & CEO for Growth Animals Marketing

Discovering B1G1 at the height of the pandemic provided our team with a much-needed morale booster. It helped us shift our view outward to those even more in need, and gave us a renewed sense of purpose as we worked to pivot our company's wellness services from onsite to online. B1G1 empowers us to give back to others we may never meet, and is a powerful force for good in the world.

- Anastasia Yecke Gude -
Founder & Managing Director, Healing Hands

I can't believe it's been 7 years since I've become a member! It's amazing to witness the growth and development of this brilliant idea that is so close to my heart. Our business has been going through ups and downs during the years but we've never stopped giving. It's our commitment for a lifetime and it's so good to be kept "accountable" and to be reminded how blessed we are in our journey. Thank you!

- Egle Blekaityte -

“Everyone can be great because everyone can serve.”
Martin Luther King

Congratulations Masami, Paul, Team B1G1 and the incredible supporters in our community on reaching the first 15 years - which equates to almost 20 million impacts per year - just imagine what that number could be in another 15 years' time? I'm looking forward to seeing it that's for sure!

- Chris Beks -
Principal & Team Leader, Ceebeks Business Solutions for GOOD

Congratulations on such a fantastic achievement! Masami, Paul and all the B1G1 team are truly an inspiration and enrich not only the lives of those who receive the benefits of our giving, but our lives too. Thank you for allowing me and my team to be part of this journey with you.

- Phil Wood -
MD, BCR Insolvency Ltd

Happy 15th Anniversary to B1G1! We have been able to add a sustainable, impactful, and clear giving process into our everyday business activities that allows us to fulfil our purpose to ‘make a positive difference to people’s lives’. Thank you for giving our business a soul. - Why would other’s not want to be part of creating a better world for all?

- Graham Purvis -
Managing Director, Robson Laidler Accountants

Happy 15 years B1G1! At Dent, being a part of B1G1 has been completely transformational. It’s changed the way we do and view business. For good. Thank you for helping us imbed giving into our day to day, we’re all better for it.

- Glen Carlson -
Dent Global

“For it is in giving that we receive.”
St. Francis of Assisi

You have achieved so much in 15 short years, we are super proud to be part of your ongoing collaborative family. Congratulations on all of the wonderful impacts you have made - long may we continue building Business For Good!

- Gill Tiney -
Founder of Collaboration Global

Congratulations - we're really pleased to have been part of your 15-year journey to date, since joining in June 2019 we have made 17,966 impacts throughout many regions of the world and look forward to adding many more in the years to come.

- rennie Evans -
Managing Director of Prospero Accounting Ltd

Congratulations on 15 years of making the world a much better place through the power of small impacts lovingly given one at a time by business owners and their teams who believe in and share the love and joy of giving. Our family is blessed with so much and our chance to share is so impactful to us.

- Deborah & Jeremy Harris -
Co-founders, Grow CFO

Congratulations on 15 years! It's been an honour to be part of this global giving initiative. We are big believers in giving back and thanks to the B1G1 program we are able to do just that! Thank you B1G1, we look forward to seeing what the next 15 years holds!

- team at Get Synergy -

"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”
The 14th Dalai Lama

It is my sincere pleasure to be a part of B1G1, I was introduced to them a few years ago and have never looked back. For as long as my company PrintFix is going, I will be giving to B1G1. Well done for all you do, I am extremely proud to be a part of this great work. Thank you.

- John Wooderson -

Congratulations to B1G1 on celebrating its 15 years. It really reinforces that businesses need a platform that you have created and speaks volumes about the impact that B1G1 is having globally. We wish you every success.

- Aaron Christie-David -
Managing Director, Atelier Wealth Mortgage Brokers

We have been inspired by both the B1G1 leadership, their team, and fellow B1G1 enterprises, who can make a real difference in the world through regular giving to B1G1 good causes.

- John Anthony -
Founder and Owner, My Accountancy People Limited

We are delighted to be part of the B1G1 family of enterprises, who through regular giving, can make our world a better place for everyone.

-  Raisr Limited -

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”
Albert Einstein

We appreciate the vision behind bringing the business world and some nice projects together. The idea of giving and bringing impact on the lives of people from different geographies is a true example of altruism. We appreciate Masami and team B1G1 for following their passions and believing in bringing the much needed change in the world.

- Rushi -
Co-Founder, eLuminous Technologies: Your Digital Transformation Partner

It is a rare experience to join an international community of people focused on making the world a better place. Our team is enormously grateful that we get to do this through the amazing B1G1 movement and to change the lives of people with whom we may never get to meet, but who nonetheless, feed our souls! Thank you B1G1!

- Heather Yelland -
Director of The Elevation Company

Congrats  B1G1 for 15 Years Of Impacts and for building up this wonderful platform. B1G1 has all the worthy impactful projects and the whole team of B1G1 is always supportive.

We are proud to be part of this progressive community.

- Dr SN Sharma DEEPAK -
CEO, Rajasthan Samgrah Kalyan Sansthan RSKS India

Congratulations on the 15th Anniversary of B1G1. We are very happy to be a part of this movement and partnering with you to help our cause. Your help creates  major impacts in our beneficiaries' lives!

- Annamrita Foundation -

“There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward.”
Kahlil Gibran

We would like to congratulate B1G1 on their 15th Anniversary and supporting the Buddy Bag Foundation. Together we can make a real difference. Thank you.

- Karen Williams OBE -
Founder, Buddy Bag Foundation

Congratulations on making positive impacts on communities across the globe for 15 years! As a small grassroots NGO, we really appreciate the B1G1 model of driving businesses to support our work. Thanks to your commitment, we are able to do more to relieve some of the worst effects of forced displacement.
- Chloe Esposito -
Lighthouse Relief

Thank you B1G1 for your support for remote Aboriginal communities, you’ve made a huge difference to educational opportunities for remote mob.

- Dotcom mob -

Congratulations on 15 years, B1G1! We are so grateful to you for providing a platform for Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary to raise awareness and funds for the animals we rescue and advocate for.

- Sophia Grewal -
Advocacy & Community Engagement Manager, Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”
Steve Maraboli

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary B1G1, from all of us at Rainforest Rescue. Thank you for your belief in what we do and for being a friend over the years.

- César Barbosa García -
Engagement Coordinator, Rainforest Rescue

Congratulations to the B1G1 team on your 15 years of helping and giving! You have no doubt helped change the lives of so many people around the world! So many ways for us all to have an impact with our giving.

- Elizabeth Magnano -
CP Partners

Wow, so cool to think of the impact and generosity that's been spread over the past 15 years from the B1G1 community. Literally millions of lives changed, and we do that sharing in the giving with other B1G1 members. Thanks so much for being great leaders too Paul & Masami.

- Ben Walker -
Inspire Accountants Brisbane

B1G1 has connected us with generous and compassionate business leaders around the world who have partnered with us in our mission to heal and strengthen families in crisis so that vulnerable children are protected. What an amazing network of people! Families protect children. Together, we are protecting families!

- Carrien Blue -
Co-Founder, The Charis Project and Shade Tree Foundation

“Don’t give to get. Give to inspire others to give.”
Simon Sinek

We love you and your mission. Thank you B1G1 for helping us ignite even more souls worldwide.

- igniting Souls -

Congratulations B1G1! Your innovation and passion for bringing about a better world are an immense source of encouragement and as you connect the donors with worthy causes.

- Eleonora Surmajova -
Acting Project Manager, The Louise Project

We are profoundly grateful for the businesses that have taken up the challenge to include giving in their business model. As a result, we have been able over the last 12 years to help more women learn to sew, to help more disadvantaged rickshaw pullers own their own rickshaw and lift themselves out of poverty, to see African communities increase their crops, their income and their health and to see children beginning to bloom.

- Every Home Global Concern -

Since our partnership commenced in 2020, your support equates to providing more than 365 nights worth of accommodation for our families. We are truly grateful for your dedication, compassion and ongoing support, allowing us to provide a home away from home for families when they need it most.

- Amy, Benita and everyone at RMHC Australia -

“The secret to living is giving.”
Tony Robbins

There is no easier, quicker way to feel good about giving! I love BIGI!

- Ruth dower-
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Much love from the Symphony7 team and 2 of your fans too. The kids look quite different (4 years later), but the lessons that were shared in the experience below remain foundational . Thank you for what you do.

- antony, maurice and the team -

Congratulations to the entire team of B1G1 for reaching this impressive milestone. We are proud to be part of this journey, a world of giving that makes the world a better place.

- Suchetha Bhat -
CEO, Dream a Dream

Congratulations B1G1 and the team! Thank you so much for setting up this platform helping charities to share their work and needs with thousands of business partners across the world. Kindness has no geographic boundaries!  

Impact HK

“The heart that gives, gathers.”
tao Te Ching

B1G1 has allowed their partners to donate money directly to The Food Bank Singapore in a way that doesn't restrict us from supplying our beneficiaries with what they need. We are especially grateful for their support to give to our programs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

- jameson chow -
The Food Bank Singapore

I am so happy that I was introduced to B1G1 over 3 years ago and equally thrilled to be part of this amazing community. It gives me so much joy to be aligned with so many wonderful people who are committed to making an impact on our planet. Every time I give I get a rush of gratitude knowing that someone's life will be better off. B1G1 is such an amazing community and I'm looking foward to being part of it for another 15 years!

- PJ Patterson -
Founder of Intrepid Wealth

Giving is not just about making a donation, It is about making a difference.

- Consolata Norberts -
Director & Founder, The Mango Tree Orphan Support Trust

Thank you B1G1 for bringing so much joy to our children! It is because of you that more of our children are safe, protected and able to go to school.

- Children of India Foundation -

“Your greatness is not what you have, it is what you give.”
alice hocker

Hari Huritau B1G1! You have been such a great supporter of KidsCan over the years, and you and your supporters help make such a world of difference to Kiwi kids who are experiencing hardship. We thank you for your support and can't wait to see what the next 15 years brings.

- KidsCan Charitable Trust nZ -

Our partnership with B1G1 reminds us that we’re part of a worldwide community of like-minded organizations and businesses who are dedicated to utilizing their unique talents to lift up the world. From our small corner of the world, the entire team at Creamos celebrates your progress and all the lives changed along the way!

- The Creamos Family -

Support from the amazing B1G1 community is helping us train more young people in Zambia. New skills gives them fresh hope of a brighter future. B1G1 brings together so many inspiring projects. Congratulations on your 15th anniversary - here's to many more impactful years to come!

- Build It International -

B1G1 has changed the way I see giving. Thank you for creating such an incredible community who are creating an even more incredible ripple effect.

-  Sammi Jaeger -

“We rise by lifting others.”
Robert Ingersoll

Congratulations B1G1, what an achievement, 15 years! We firmly believe that everyone should be able to live the life they want to live and SMS Law is a proud long-term partner of your program. We look forward to continuing working with you and seeing what you do in the world. Thank you for inspiring our team and our clients every time they see a new global program supported!

- the team at sms law -

It has been a honour to be involved in B1G1, both as a business partner and a worthy cause since 2011. Congratulations on celebrating 15 years of making a difference to both the business partners and their teams and the communities that are supported by the B1G1 family.

-  Angela -
Wilton Associates and Worthy Cause New Ways

Congratulations to BIG1 on 15 years of creating impacts. There are very few organisations who will help us help animals and we're looking forward to the next 15 years of positive change in this field together.

- Barbara Webb -
Co founder, Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust

Huge congratulations to the entire team for achieving such an impressive milestone! On behalf of the entire Health In Harmony team, I’d like to say that we are immensely grateful to the entire B1G1 team for all you do to enable donors to fund the solutions of the Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities for climate action. I am honored to know you.

-  Devika Gopal Agge -
Chief Development Officer, Health In Harmony

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”
winston churchill

We commend Buy1Give1 on the breadth of their support for Worthy Causes across the globe! The dedication of the whole team towards facilitating equitable giving has been an incredible inspiration to us! The support for our Women’s Empowerment in Indian Villages project from socially responsible businesses has been instrumental in allowing us to extend our programme to achieve generational change.

- ARD(Australia) -

Congratulations to B1G1 and the team on your 15th anniversary! Thank you for your awesome impact around the world. Keep doing what you are doing! FNPF continues planting trees to protect wildlife habitats and educating the children for a better future because of your generous support, and we’re so grateful for that. Thank you, B1G1!

-  Friends of The National Parks Foundation -

Music for All is extremely grateful for the continued support and donations received through B1G1. This support means we can continue to provide music making opportunities to disadvantaged young people. Thank you for helping young people across the UK experience the positive impact of music making!

- Wallis Leahy -
Music for All

Congratulations to the B1G1 team on your 15 years of giving and making difference! What a great work you all do and what an inspiration. You have without a doubt helped us to make a sustainable and an impactful change in lives of our students and communities.

-  Jacqui Gilmour -
Founder and Executive Director
Hope for Children Organization Australia

“What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity.”
joseph addison

Congratulations to B1G1 for 15 years supporting great causes around the world! The generosity of your members has created opportunities for communities who have been marginalized to learn, earn and save together to create a brighter future for themselves and their families, by helping them start their own small businesses. It's such a great way for business to support business!

- Charles Harvey -
Director of Partnerships, Trusts & Corporate Fundraising, Five Talents UK

It's been an amazing journey partnering with B1G1 over the past 15 years. Thanks to B1G1, we have been able to put smiles on millions of faces. The giving impacts add priceless value to our services. B1G1 also inspired us to go above and beyond and develop a best-selling product together, hopefully, many more to come!

- Stuart Harris -
Team Building Asia

B1G1 is helping us achieve our core purpose in business. The members are wonderful and I’m uplifted with every interaction within the community and have had some life-changing experience thanks to the wonderful projects you have helped us to connect with. Congratulations to Masami, Paul and the B1G1 team for creating such a beautiful place to connect, thrive and be inspired.

- Stacey Kehoe -
Founder of Brandlective Communications

Incorporating B1G1 into Guildprime’s framework has enabled us to make a more positive environmental and social impact on the world and it is truly an honour to be part of this amazing movement. Thank you for empowering small businesses like ourselves to change the world in a big way!

-  Guildprime Specialist Contracts Ltd -

“It is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving."
mother teresa

So pleased to be part of this giving community and connecting with global leaders who are making a big difference to change lives for mankind around the world. We are particularly passionate in protecting young girls to keep them safe and provide them with education and skills.

- James Akin-Smith -
Director, CEO Coach Ltd

On your anniversary celebration, we wish to recognize B1G1's contribution to our success. Thank you for making an impact in the work we are doing to help poor rural Cambodian families move from poverty into more, healthy and sustainable livelihoods. Happy 15th Anniversary and many wishes for more great impacts ahead!

- The Trailblazer Foundation -

Through your generous support, we have provided meals to more than 10,000 kids in 9 feeding sites from 15-120 days. We are humbled and grateful that in big and small ways, you have contributed to the goal of proving that our collective caring and sharing can end hunger and malnutrition.


Thanks to B1G1, My Water Filter is building a community that thrives on giving.Our customers know that as they enjoy My Water Filters products and create the best water they can in their own homes, they too are helping provide life-saving water to people who need it most.

-  Rod Archdall -
Managing Director at My Water Filter

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