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As a B1G1 member, you get access to numerous tools that help you experience and spread your joy of giving seamlessly.
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Give to projects you care about

Search and give to any of the 500+ high-impact B1G1 causes around the world you’re passionate about. Every listed project you’ll find in your account undergoes strict vetting by B1G1, so we can make sure every cent of your contribution makes a real difference.

Give with your everyday business activities

Every B1G1 project is broken down into small quantifiable impacts, so you can now make a difference from as little as 1 cent. You can create Giving Stories by easily linking a regular business activity to a micro-impact. And together, these micro-impacts create a real change in our world.

Share your impact with your network

Access a suite of customizable tools that automatically keep track of your giving impacts. These embeddable widgets can be shared on your website and will be automatically updated whenever you give, so your clients can always stay connected to the causes you’re impacting.

Deepen your connection with your customers

As you give back as a business, inspire and connect your customers to your greater purpose as a company. By expressing your gratitude for their support and sharing the joy of the impacts they’ve helped to create, they celebrate the special moments of your giving journey too.

Implementing your giving with B1G1

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